Bonsai Classes And Tours

Introduction to Bonsai

4 Hours

4 Hours


Have you always wanted to learn how to make your own bonsai?

Did you think it would just be too hard to create and care for a bonsai?

In this 4 hour class I’ll show you how you can easily learn how to create a bonsai, and care for it without much time and energy. We will focus on design, care and maintenance of a variety of bonsai trees.

You’ll also learn all the basics of bonsai art, such as pruning, wiring, media and transplanting. I’ll show you how to easily select a tree from the wild, and create a beautiful design that you will enjoy for many years.

I’ll share my 30+ years of experience and passion for the art of bonsai. You’ll get hands-on practice with a bonsai from my garden to experiment with. If you want to take it home, you’ll receive a 20% discount off the regular price.

Intermediate Bonsai Class

6 Hours

6 Hours


Ready to take a deep dive into bonsais?
Are you wanting to upgrade your skills for bonsai contests or expos?
Do you have a passion for bonsais and a strong desire to know more?

In this 6 hour class you will learn how to choose more suitable pots which will compliment the design of different types of bonsai trees. You will also learn more about how to wire smaller branches to make your bonsai trees more interesting and striking.

Other techniques that will be covered in the training include:

. Final replanting in a suitable pot & changing the media
. Techniques for properly mixing fertilizer
. Intermediate pruning
. Fungus & pest control

You’ll get to learn at you own pace, according to your bonsai’s needs.
Through personalized instruction and expert guidance, you will become more confident with your bonsai skills and be able to continue cultivating beautiful bonsais on your own.

*The cost of this Workshop is US$125 which includes all materials & lunch.
You will also receive a 20% discount on any bonsais you purchase during your training.

Bonsai Advanced Intensives

2 Days

2 Days


Are you obsessed with bonsais?
Do you feel like you just can’t get enough of learning and exploring new ways to create these exquisite trees?

Come spend two days of intensive and fun learning with Dewa JJ. These classes are only open to students who have taken our Introduction and Intermediate classes or can demonstrate a basic understanding of the art.

Each class is an all day, focused learning experience divided into two sessions from 10 am to 5 pm on both days. You can either do both days together or schedule 2 sessions in 1 month.

You will receive personalized instruction and hands on practice with a wide variety of innovative styles which you can experiment with.

This event is a two day immersion in the art of bonsai which is focused on improving both your mechanical skills and your artistic eye.

Participants must be equipped with proper bonsai tools and your own bonsais for practice. Wire & media will be provided.

Sessions consist of hands on work (sometimes on your trees and sometimes on ours) plus demonstration, videos and discussion.

Topics will include but are not limited to:

▪ Advanced wiring – You will learn more about advanced wiring techniques such as using guy wires, raffia use, rebar and other wiring shortcuts.
▪ Advanced Styling – You will learn new creative ways that can be applied to keep your tree looking great including planting angle changes, heavy bending, shortening the tree and other tricks.
▪ Tree and Pot selection – You will discover unique ways to create interesting aesthetics in pot selection for different types of trees
▪ Stands and Display – You will learn more about how stands can compliment your bonsai trees and which companion plants to select.
▪ Pests and Fungi – We will go into depth on proactive prevention of pests and fungus control and what to do for active infestations
▪ BYOT – We will have time during each session to work out problems and questions about your own trees and apply what we learn over the 2 day class.

*The cost for this 2 day Bonsai Intensive is US$225. This includes lunches & all materials.

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